Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Battle Of The Players

University is fast approaching, this means money is fast approaching and this means spending plans are already ongoing. This time it is music players, since I am a music addict (you might have noticed that) picking a good music player is very important to me, so I will need you guys to help me out by reading this and then taking part in the poll on the top right corner of the site.

Zune HD (32GB)

The newest toy in town, the beatiful Zune HD is the only touch screen device I ever considered buying. It is mainly due to it is sexy look and it is amazing specfication. Let me put it in a language you guys understand: this little thing plays high definition video, cool right? there is a catch though; it is only 32GB, and anyone that knows me, will tell you that it is not enough.

iPod Classic (120GB)

I never was an iPod dude, but I had a good experience with one this summer. However, unlike everyone who loves this device, the selling point for me was: Genius. This automatically generates a playlist of songs that will go together. Which, helps whenever I am too lazy to make my own lists or if I was on-the-go (pun intended), the catch with this one is I hate iTunes and I am anti-apple, also, the iPod Classic design is boring.

Original Zune (120GB)

My first love. The original Zune has more storage than you will ever need (this does not inc. me) it will fit most pockets, and has an interface that I am familiar with (used it for 2 years) and finally, I can operate it from inside my pocket (very important). All sounds good so far, but the Zune is not available in the UK and I have to import it, so it won't have a warranty, which means that if anything happens to it; I am screwed, and that already happened to two of them (my fault).

P.s. The original Zune has been to Vitalise 4 times, so its legend must be continued.

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