Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Monday, 29 June 2009

Air Jordan 7 60+ Pack

I'm really looking forward to this now we have some new quality pics with no pinstripes. The first pair is the Black/Charcoal colourway and the second is the Orlando Magic inspired version which features a white and royal color combo that should be a popular colorway. These are set for an August release and i will have more about the exact where and when in a couple of weeks.
One more pic after the jump.

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JAY-Z - Death of Auto-Tune


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Ozzie checks in... Greetings from the Middle East

I just completed 15 days in Yemen which means that I will be home in another 15 days. If you are wondering; yes I do have a nice tan now ;-)

I'm missing out bare in terms of new music, events, fashion, games, internet and everything that is good in life. But I do have an overdose of sunny weather on daily basis. I have been reading books and listening to Moose's Ipod quiet a bit, and when I'm not doing that I'm either napping or chilling outside, in a land where dudes holding hands is cool (No Homo?)

Anyway, I see that Moose ain't been posting a lot *smh*; stop being lazy kid. It is 11 days till my uni results and 14 till I catch my plane, so I better find something to do in the next 10 days. Peace out kids.

P.s. I miss toilet seats, for real.

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Alexander Mcqueen owned Milan Summer 2010

Sometimes designers come up with collections that are really cool but you cant imagine yourself wearing any of the pieces but Mr. Mcqueen's latest in Milan is just amazing and if i could buy it all then i would. Apart from alexander i also liked zegna, Moschino and CP company.
Pics are after the jump.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

J. Cole- Simba

My boy dizzy sent me a link to this guys mixtape and i listened to it and it was pretty good man (way hotter than drake).

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Dope bike

My main Tersam gave me permission to go for a ride on his bike in Wood. It handled really well and got a lot of attention.

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Monday, 22 June 2009


Well I've finished my exams and now i'm chilling at my favourite shop WOOD. A shop called wood are uniting with Familia on a new event which will take place on the last Sunday of every month at Cord (8 dorsey St, Manchester). If Like us, your Bag is a mix of streetwear and directional fashion, thrown in with some art and photography, a healthy dose of rebellion and general intelligence then you better get down and check it out. DJ'S DIDJIT and LEE MAJORS will be on hand to provide the perfect musical backdrop for you to meet, greet, dance, prance, booze and shmooze your way to a dope Sunday evening. To top it all off there will be special giveaways courtesy of Mishka NYC plus 20% on clothing, footwear and accessories in store. The first night will be on the 28th June and will be starting at 5pm in the store and we will going to Cord at 6-11pm. So get your asses to down so you can chill with your boy Moose and the rest of the crew.

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Ozzie Logs Off

Yemen ozzie
Moose wanted me to do a leaving post, so a leaving post you shall get:

I'm leaving.

Aha.... you are smart enough to click on the article. Well done sir/madam, in return I will give you.... hmmm... oh yeah, the details of my trip: I will be leaving Manchester Airport on a Monday Afternoon to Yemen. I should be back by the 15th of July, only to go away to Southport for two weeks on the 18th of July.

Wish me luck and don't worry Moose will continue posting, maybe he can finally reach my post count..... NOT!
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Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Alchemist "Smile" ft. Twista & Maxwell

Dope video Directed by Jason Goldwatch Decon from the album Chemical Warfare, dropping July 7th.

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ozzie Checks in...

I finished exams last Friday (05/06) but I have been busy, I'm leaving to Yemen in Monday so don't expect much posts from me in the coming days, or at all from Monday. However, Moose should hold the site down by posting like a mofo as soon as he finishes exams.

That is all from me for now, peace out. *enjoys the tasty chocolate bar*

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Stuff I bought recently - Western HDD 1TB ELEMENTS

One of my Hard Drives started failing and it contained 320GB of important files, I managed to recover 70% of the data but i could not take any more risks so I purchased this beautiful 1TB box, it shall be my new 'love Box'!

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Slaughterhouse "Move On"

A quick post to showcase how dope Slaughterhouse is:

"I'm on my grind, Benjamin huntin'/been old since I was young, call me Benjamin Buttons"

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Friday, 5 June 2009

Wale - Family Affair

Another Wale track, this track showcases the young rapper's storytelling talent, it is deep. The video is directed by Rik Cordero and features Anwan Glover aka Slim Charles from 'The Wire'.

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Dave White - Sgt. Robot Signing Event

I'm a big fan of Kidrobot and it would of been really cool if they had this event in Liverpool which is Dave's home city instead of the flagship Kidrobot store in NY. These are selling for 90 dollars each not signed but 400 dollars signed by the man himself. There were around 100 people in the line and most of them had a chance to meet Dave. There Sgt. Robot comes in a black and green with accessories (helmet, bazooka and dove). Hopefully the Goodall galley will have these in both colours so me and o2 can add to our collection.

More pics after the jump

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Orange Thread by Nudie Jeans Co.

"Just as electricity runs through the wires, an orange thread runs through Nudie Jeans."
Another video jacked from WOOD's facebook page, it is an informative video about all things Nudie. Music by Johan Forsman.

I included another dope video from Nudie on 'The Fine Art of Denim' it basically explains how a pair of Nudie Jeans are made.

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You Ever Wonder What The Bottom Of An Avatar Shoe Looks Like?

If you play on your Xbox a lot, you must have wondered what the bottom of an Avatar's shoe looks like, well with the help of project Natal; Bam here it is.

I'm still debating with myself whether I should do a complete E3 post or not, speak on it in the comments section people.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Air Jordan 5 (V) - Toro Bravo Pack

Air Jordan 5 Toro Bravo

After copping the black 3M pair, finally we got hold of the Red Pair to complete the pack, after Moose bullied me to get it. On the bright side, they are dope as hell. Pics of our pairs -captured using Moose's BlackBerry- are after the jump. Enjoy.

Air Jordan 5 Toro Bravo

Air Jordan 5 Toro Bravo

Air Jordan 5 Toro Bravo
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Wale - Chillin f. Lady Gaga

One of the hottest rising Hip Hop artists, Wale, doing his thing and chilling with Lady Gaga. D.C. What up.

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