Friday, 8 May 2009

Ozzie checks in... The summer ball & Eminem!

Ozzie here, giving you a general update.

Let's start with items bought recently, as I'm trying to keep a low profile with the money situation, not a lot been happening in that department. But I did buy some Sperry Bahama shoes from Wood and our friend Rosie purchased a Reebok girls kicks from there too.

Anyway, last night was my University Summer Ball, I linked up with the rest of the geek squad for a decent night at the Manchester Hilton. The main highlights of the night were my unfortunate ironing accident with my shirt just an hour before the event which caused a rushed journey to Zara and having to change there, in order to make it on time; it worked. Also, we were introduced to a wild side of my Spanish friend Eduardo, it was fun.

After I arrived home, I secured a copy of Em's new album. And after listening to it all morning and afternoon today, I can confidently say that it is excellent. The production on most tracks (if not all) is mind blowing, no surprises here since the good doctor handled all the production. Eminem does his best to do all the beats justice, and it is a success. His wordplay is amazing resulting in an album that makes you laugh, think or just bop your head to the beat, sometimes all three at once. The hooks are all done by Em himself, this is a big plus (I hate RnB hooks). And apart from 50 cent and Dre there is no more guests on the album.

To sum up, life is good and Em's album is fire and this not just fanboy me talking.

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