Friday, 22 May 2009

Mo checks in...

Hows it going peeps? I go by the name(s) of Mo a.k.a Black Mo a.k.a Negro Mo a.k.a your girlfriend's boyfriend. My main men o2 and Mosab ‘the moose’ asked me to be a guest blogger for the week so I thought I’d pay respect to Mr Dylan Mills known by his stage name Dizzee Rascal.

I’m a big Dizzee fan, it’s been great watching Dizzee on the rise as he makes the switch over from the grime scene to the more mainstream vibe which at the end of the day is where the real money is but at the same time not losing his rascal delivery style (Put it this way I doubt we’ll be seeing him messing with autotune). It was a big moment when he won the Mercury music prize for his debut album ‘Boy in da corner’ which put him out to the wider audience. The album itself gave birth to his characteristic flow that marks him out from his contemporaries with witty lyrics that gave you a picture about where he’s from.

He didn’t waste much time by releasing ‘Showtime’ a year later. It picks up the pace from the first album and has a much more party feel to it, ‘Stand up tall’ is a definite highlight. ‘Maths and English’ he pretty much leaves the grime behind apart from a reference in one or two tracks and with appearances from Lily Allen and Alex Turner it sees Dizzee goes out in a different direction and he seems to get that balance right.

On the Jonathan Ross show a couple of weeks ago he held his own amongst the MILF’s of Loose women and Tom Hanks which is unlike his quite funny but cringe worthy interview after Barack Obama’s election win.

For me Dizzee has shown the way for other UK artists to follow if they want to be taken for more than just another one dimensional ‘Grime MC’ and from the looks of things Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder could be on a similar upward trend. For me Dizzee Rascal is by far the UK’s number one MC.

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