Saturday, 30 May 2009

Go DJ...

DJ Hero

After the successes of both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the market for music games is expanding, here comes a new game for fake musicians (I am one).

If you've gotten bored of pretending to be in a band, now it is your turn to be the life of the party. DJ Hero is coming out on October 27th this year and it already secured Eminem, Jay-Z and DJ Shadow to work on the project. The game let you do some interesting mixes from a wide variety of genres and decades.

I personally can't wait for this, it sounds like a lot of fun, but that is not all. Eminem and Jay-z are doing a Co-op cut for the game... I have been waiting for this shit since 'Renagade'

DJ Hero Controller

Anyway, the game comes with this turntables shaped controller, does not look half bad. Now I shall leave you with the trailer after the jump.

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