Thursday, 23 April 2009

Ozzie checks in...

The poll has closed and 13/18 people apparently liked the new layout, I'm sure everyone -just like my partner- did not notice the change and were just being 'nice'. Anyway, let me do a recap of this week so far, I started uni again after the Easter break, which led to a lot of last minute work to meet deadlines, Moose & I decided to buy De La Soul tickets for the 17th of July, but did not buy em' yet (holla at me if you want to join us).

Also, I watched Notorious after putting it off for a long time, it was not as bad as people said but to be honest, however, 'The Wackness' made me want to listen to Biggie more than his own movie, now that is messed up, but on the bright side, you get to see his kid playing him when he was younger and you get to see some BOOBS, but of course his boobs were always bigger than the women he 'makes love' to.

I will be busy this weekend with next week's deadlines, but expect an 'intersting' article soon ;-)

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