Friday, 17 April 2009

Ozzie checks in... it is about time he did!


Whats good my people, if any of you is still around. I'm blogging again. It has been a long time, but I have my reasons, however, the main cause was the absence of my precious laptop for three whole weeks for 'repairs', MSI took the piss with the duration of repairs, but god bless them, they fixed everything and made me a very happy man.

Speaking of being a happy man, Moose & I spent a week volunteering at the Vitalise Sandpipers center in Southport which was a LOT of fun and we are going back there this summer for two weeks. I will do a post about Vitalise later.

Also, I'm going to go to Yemen for a month this summer, which should be exciting. For those who don't know about Yemen, educate yourself here. Anyway, the purpose of the trip is to visit family and chill in the middle east, cos that place is the bomb, literally.

* I know that my photography rocks.

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