Sunday, 19 April 2009

Friday Link-up!

Contrary to popular belief, Moose & I do not spend every waking hour together (not yet, at least), this Friday we decided to meet-up and chill, because we spent the whole week doing 'revision', anyway, the usual happened; we bought some fresh gear. So here is a break down of what we bought:

First thing that got purchased was a suit for my University summer ball, I bought it from Slaters, the old guy helping us out was really friendly and fixed the pants to match my waist and chatted with us for more than 30mins, Moose & I are a hit with older guys (No Homo)

Second thing in list is the motherfucking MADVILLAIN himself. This "Kidrobot x MADVILLAIN" toy sold-out in 2007 and is very rare. I found it in at an art gallery on Friday and after a long discussion with my partner, we copped the thing. I know that you all want one, but you can't get none, it is a damn shame, just remember All Caps when you spell the man name.*
Price: £75

The Hundreds Dune T-Shirt

We both liked this T-shirt, Moose ended up buying it after winning in a Rock Paper Scissors game over it, I let him win.
Price: £30
Where: AShopCalledWood

MHI Pulling Strings Tee In Black

Regarded by T(the owner of the store) as the hottest T-shirt in the new collection, now I'm the proud owner of it.
Price: £32
Where: AShopCalledWood

Mishka Chasis Plaid Shirt in Seafoam

I wanted a shirt, there was a new Mishka stock, it contained shirts, so I bought the shirt, simple.
Price: £65
Where: AShopCalledWood

*All caps video included after the jump.

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