Monday, 27 April 2009

Ozzie checks in... Videos edition!

I'll keep this one short, there are three videos included -> watch them -> comment.


The first one is a video from Lupe Fiasco's live DVD, the dude has mad energy on stage, you see him here performing 'Go Go gadget' from his album The Cool. DVD coming out soon, it is a must download buy.
Other videos after the jump.

Some idiot messed around with a video of MLK and made him do autotune, but still, MLK autotune > 808 & Heartbreaks.

Branded by its creator as the cheapest music video ever made, it is an unofficial video for one of DOOM's tracks from the new album.

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Friday, 24 April 2009

F*** the BNP

I know a lot of people don't really vote in general or European elections but this time around I would encourage everyone to register (if your 18) and vote on Thursday 4th June 2009. The reason I want people to get out there and vote is because of the chances of the BNP getting a seat in the North West. So you don't vote for the candidate but instead vote for the party. The party then picks your MEP from a list. So there is a big chance that a small party like BNP would get to represent us in the European Parliament (proportional representation). So if you want you can vote for either one of your three major parties or you can turn to smaller parties like UKIP or the Greens who can take away that important seat from the BNP. You can register to vote here

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Eminem - 3 AM

Holy crap, it is some new Em and it is pretty dope. I'll keep this one short, I included his album cover above and also the video for his first single after the jump. Album coming out 19-5-09. Enjoy.

Shoutout to the DopeBoyz again.

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Spring/Summer 2009

Moncler cotton jacket

A lot of brands Spring/Summer releases have been really impressive but the item of clothing that really got me is the Moncler cotton jacket. Before we talk about the Moncler first we have to give props to all the following brands 10 Deep, Mishka, MHI, YMC, Kiks Tokyo, The Hundreds and Stussy (all are available at Wood).

Moncler is known for its high quality winter products which are very practical and yet so stylish. This is the hottest item of their Spring/Summer 2009 collection. It can be purchased at select Moncler retailers including Colette. It will set you back 245 euros which is very acceptable for such a high quality product. I might not buy my Air Jordan V's and get me this.

After the jump is a sample of some of Spring/Summer releases. For more visit a shop called wood in Manchester or Huddersfield or online.










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Ozzie checks in...

The poll has closed and 13/18 people apparently liked the new layout, I'm sure everyone -just like my partner- did not notice the change and were just being 'nice'. Anyway, let me do a recap of this week so far, I started uni again after the Easter break, which led to a lot of last minute work to meet deadlines, Moose & I decided to buy De La Soul tickets for the 17th of July, but did not buy em' yet (holla at me if you want to join us).

Also, I watched Notorious after putting it off for a long time, it was not as bad as people said but to be honest, however, 'The Wackness' made me want to listen to Biggie more than his own movie, now that is messed up, but on the bright side, you get to see his kid playing him when he was younger and you get to see some BOOBS, but of course his boobs were always bigger than the women he 'makes love' to.

I will be busy this weekend with next week's deadlines, but expect an 'intersting' article soon ;-)

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Monday, 20 April 2009

Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends is a Flash cartoon series by Mondo Mini Shows, created by Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro, Warren Graff, and Aubrey Ankrum. Shortly after its internet debut in 2000, Happy Tree Friends became an unexpected success, getting over 15 million hits each month. Its not suitable for children with nearly every episode featuring blood, gore and extremely painful, bloody and gruesome deaths. Its so raw that it was banned in russia.

More videos after the jump.

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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Friday Link-up!

Contrary to popular belief, Moose & I do not spend every waking hour together (not yet, at least), this Friday we decided to meet-up and chill, because we spent the whole week doing 'revision', anyway, the usual happened; we bought some fresh gear. So here is a break down of what we bought:

First thing that got purchased was a suit for my University summer ball, I bought it from Slaters, the old guy helping us out was really friendly and fixed the pants to match my waist and chatted with us for more than 30mins, Moose & I are a hit with older guys (No Homo)

Second thing in list is the motherfucking MADVILLAIN himself. This "Kidrobot x MADVILLAIN" toy sold-out in 2007 and is very rare. I found it in at an art gallery on Friday and after a long discussion with my partner, we copped the thing. I know that you all want one, but you can't get none, it is a damn shame, just remember All Caps when you spell the man name.*
Price: £75

The Hundreds Dune T-Shirt

We both liked this T-shirt, Moose ended up buying it after winning in a Rock Paper Scissors game over it, I let him win.
Price: £30
Where: AShopCalledWood

MHI Pulling Strings Tee In Black

Regarded by T(the owner of the store) as the hottest T-shirt in the new collection, now I'm the proud owner of it.
Price: £32
Where: AShopCalledWood

Mishka Chasis Plaid Shirt in Seafoam

I wanted a shirt, there was a new Mishka stock, it contained shirts, so I bought the shirt, simple.
Price: £65
Where: AShopCalledWood

*All caps video included after the jump.

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Saturday, 18 April 2009

It must be my birthday today...

From out of nowhere, brand NEW J-Dilla and Black Thought a track called Reality Check, this not all, read this quote from OkayPlayer:

"On June 2nd Nature Sounds will be releasing Jay Stay Paid. J$P is a 25 track collection of unreleased (some have leaked) Dilla beats mixed and arranged by Pete Rock. The project is mostly instrumental, but includes vocals from Black Thought, DOOM, Raekwon, Illa J, Blu, Havoc, M.O.P. and more. This isn’t some haphazardly put together album. Ms. Yancey AKA “Ma Dukes” serves as the executive producer to keep her sons vision in mind."

I won't wast more of your time, enjoy the track.

props to Shake.

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Friday, 17 April 2009

Fuck what you heard...

Japanese Cartoon

Lupe earlier denied his involvement with the 'Japanese Cartoon' band, but anyone with a working set of ears can tell you "Fuck what you heard, that is Lupe on vocals" I included a video for their first single ARMY here:

Their album 'In the Jaws of the Lords Death' is dropping on the same day as Lupe Fiasco's new solo album (some time in June, I think!). I also updated the playlist below to include two more tracks, that is five tracks so far.

*If the player does not load up correctly refresh the page, click on 'readmore' or use Firefox instead.
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Ozzie checks in... it is about time he did!


Whats good my people, if any of you is still around. I'm blogging again. It has been a long time, but I have my reasons, however, the main cause was the absence of my precious laptop for three whole weeks for 'repairs', MSI took the piss with the duration of repairs, but god bless them, they fixed everything and made me a very happy man.

Speaking of being a happy man, Moose & I spent a week volunteering at the Vitalise Sandpipers center in Southport which was a LOT of fun and we are going back there this summer for two weeks. I will do a post about Vitalise later.

Also, I'm going to go to Yemen for a month this summer, which should be exciting. For those who don't know about Yemen, educate yourself here. Anyway, the purpose of the trip is to visit family and chill in the middle east, cos that place is the bomb, literally.

* I know that my photography rocks.
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