Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some sneaks that I want to get...

Well a lot of you guys must know how it feels when you see something hot but you can't get em' because you are broke. Then as soon as you get some money they sell out!! Well I'm here to let you know about some of the hottest sneaks out now -or will be soon- so if you have the money, you don't have another excuse for not buying em' if you liked them.

1) Air Jordan V Raging bull Pack
This is one of the hottest packs and will be released on the 30th May. There is a picture of the grey pair but its not good quality.

2) New Balance x Alife M1300AR1
Well these are pretty pricey (140) but I'm really liking them.

3) Air Jordan 1 Black “Polka Dots” (will prob cost around 85)
I'm really loving these air Jordans.

4) Puma Mid Ape King (105 pounds)
One of the hottest pairs of puma mids.

5) Reebok Sir Jam Emirates (70 pounds)
Pretty hot and nicely priced.

6) Nike Air Yeezy (150 Pounds) Release
I'm not too sure about the Air Yeezy's unlike some people who will ride Kanye regardless of whether the product is hot or not.

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