Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ozzie checks in...

Guess Who is back? If you wanna know, carry on reading after the jump.

It has been ages since I posted and to be honest I actually quit this blog, me & Moose -aka JD & Turk- are fuck lazy and after Dizzy left, we could not be arsed with this anymore. We kinda started a mega post then quit half-way (we do that a lot; quitting) I was actually meant to delete this blog ages ago but was too lazy to do so.

Today, I decided that I'll actually carry on with this awesomeness (good news for you) but my posts will be more like this one rather than the usual 'look at this' approach we had going on.

Anyway, I wanted you all to check this track by a new kid that goes by the name of B.o.B the track is catchy as fuck, I can't get it out of my head. It has an outkast feel to it. His new album is coming out soon.

So if you are wondering who the fuck is B.o.B? I am here to help, this is his latest mixtape which answers your question directly. The mixtape is called 'who the fuck is B.o.B?'. Click on the pic for the download link.

I guess that is enough for now, Ozzie is getting the fuck outta here. Peace out.

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