Saturday, 15 November 2008

Real Hip-Hop at your doorstep

Nasty Nas, Mighty Mos, De La Soul, KanYe, Cudi and at The G.O.O.D music after-party in London.

The Manchester leg of the 'Glow In the Dark' tour is in two days, guess who got no tickets? It is yours truly and the fam. Guess who missed out on a 'Mos Def, the pharcyde & Nas' show last Wednesday? It is us again. Damn, we suck!

Never mind me complaining and enjoy some real Hip-Hop Y'all! Snatched from the guys at 2dopeboyz.

Osman edit: I love how the star packed stage turns to stans when Mr. Nasir Jones grabs the mic. *watches video for the nth time*


  1. I see kanye is rocking the jill sander marble hoody.
    Loved nas and mos def.

  2. that jil sander joint is so wack id rather pay 800 pound for socks

  3. also DAYUM Nasty did halftime and represent OMG how we miss this OMG really he did halftime shit and mos was on his ms fat booty shit

  4. Mos was on some Blackstar shit too.

    I made you look was too crazy.

    I Like

  5. Dizzy u chat bollocks man. You were loving the jacket when we went selfridges.

  6. nope i saw it again and it really isnt worth 800£ plus im sure i wasnt i was talkin bout the raf simmons joint they also had on display