Wednesday, 26 November 2008

My Two Cent on some music.

This is an album review. You might be thinking okay but this isn't any ordinary album review. It's an album review for the most important album of the year. Yes, you guessed it. This is an album review for 808's & heartbreak. Mind you the album cover probably gave it away. However I don't believe it is an exaggeration, 808's may not be the best album of the year but it is probably the most important. Why ? you ask. Well it's simple really, we all want to know how Kanye West follows up the magnum opus known as "Graduation". Not only that you want to know, what the hell is Kanye West doing ? Can he really make a good album with auto tune ? Who does he think he is ? Well if you care enough all these questions can be answered, all you have to do is press play.

But back to the review. I'll start off track by track like I usually do and as soon as you press play, you get what this whole album is going to be like. Say you will sets the mood and it's probably not what you expected from the leaks. The passion and direction Kanye is putting in is very blatant. However I believe this song is way too long, I actually got bored 3 minutes in and I really couldn't care less how it ended.

The next song is the whole album in one track. It has one of the best beats Kanye's ever produced ( up their but not quite touching flashing lights). It really stays true to the theme as well as giving you a proper introduction to the album.

I love heartless. The song is great, it's a story which fits almost every relationship. Anyone can listen to this song and relate.

Now what do I say about this one. I like it, Kanye sounds good to me with the auto tune aka vocal steroids. Turn your base up and this beat sounds beasty. It's possibly the most hip hop feely track on the whole album, even though in my opinion this hip hop feel ruins the track. Or maybe I'm just hating on Jeezy. This tracks aight.

Love Lockdown is okay I guess. I say that because at first I hated it, but this song is so catchy you actually can't hate it. I still don't like it but it's bearable.

The next two tracks are shit. I have nothing more to say about them maybe I'll grow to like them but some how I doubt it. They really don't fit the rest of the album once you listen to it, you'll understand what I mean.

This song to me displays how versatile this guy is. Street Lights is nice point blank .

And I'm gonna end the track by track there. You can comment on the other tracks if you wish. I'm gonna use this space to conclude my feelings about this album. I really didn't want to like this album, I really prefer Kanye rapping. So it comes off like I really like this album but I do believe it has it's weaknesses. It's really boring at times because Kanye isn't the best song writer. He repeats a lot of verses and lines or drops in a repetitive manner making the album very boring at times. Also it's by no means a hip hop album. To me it really felt like an RnB album. Kanye is new to everything he is doing artistically on this album and it really shows except in the production because he isn't new to that. It's actually a really really good album production wise. It's still not by any means Kanye's best though, I'd take the other 3 over this any day.

But due to his high standards I still have to give this album a 7/10. Guess this album wasn't that heartbreaking after all.

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