Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Ozzie checks in...


It has been a while since I posted, so this is my attempt at getting my post count up.

I have been ill for the past day or so(and still ill). My University work is piling up and I have been neglecting THE blog for a while now. Why?

Well, firstly, I got the new Pro Evolution Soccer on Thursday and it is a known fact that I spent more than half of my teenage years on the game. I will write about it later.

Secondly, there is no 'secondly' that is all I done on the weekend! (I did go out on Saturday though, I'm not that SAD.)

Finally, I'm going to do some work now, I'm planning on an all-nighter, if I do finish work (impossible), I will write a thing or two, it seems like Dizzy been doing all the work around here.

Ozzie out...

P.S. I skipped my first lecture today :-)


  1. This post actually made a tear roll from my eye :[
    Feel better Oz x

  2. This comment actually made a tear roll from my eye


    I'm a man, I don't get emotions, but I appreciate the love AK :-)

  3. loves....sat....do some work xx DG