Sunday, 26 October 2008

New Music....(Eminem, KanYe & Mos Def)

New Shit
I have three new tracks, so instead of posting em' all on separate posts, i decided to group them in one.

New Mos Def, Eminem, KanYe & Trick Trick. For artwork + Links click on

Mos Def
We start off with a new track from the mighty Mos Def's new album. The single is called 'Life in Marvelous Times'.
The album 'The Ecstatic' is coming out on 28th of Nov.

808's & HeartBreak
Another leak off KanYe's album and yes it contains more singing and more autotune. The artwork provided is the official artwork for the album.

Eminem spits another verse for the scary Trick Trick. The track is not that great, but it is always good to hear Em again. However, Trick Trick should stop rapping and stick to robbing other shit rappers' chains.

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  1. At first Mos's flow was sounding weak on a mighty beat but dude got on point and that jawnt is caliente