Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hermès Cape Cod H1 Grandes Heures

This is a pretty cool watch. It's actually really cool but I can't describe why it's so cool, I'll try to give it my best shot anyway. Firstly it looks superb, it's something about leather strap and silver dial which says I have class and style. Secondly it has an amazing feature, it comes in six different versions which extend the hours you really like and gives less attention to the ones you dont care for as much. For example the one pictured has 10,12,2 all very close but a long seperation between 2 and 4. This allows for more precise time keeping between those hours and you can get it in different models to suit your schedule. This is pretty clever because it takes 60 minutes for the hand to move 1 hour no matter the distance, making this a truly extraordinary (and pretty smart) watch.

I forgot to mention it retails at 9500$ >_>

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