Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Diesel Dirty Thirty

So on 11th October it's Diesels 30th Birthday. They're actually pretty happy and throwing a humongous party that starts in Tokyo at 6pm then continues in all the big cities of the world as its 6 there ( you know due to time zones and stuff). The party will be in all the good cities like Milan,Paris,London,New York,Dubai. However I don't live in any of those cities so I don't care about the party. What I do care about is the limited 1 day release of jeans they're bringing out in celebration. They may look like an ordinary pair of jeans and they are,but wait for it they're only £30 hence the name "dirty thirty". They're available in most diesel stores across the world on the 10th, so check out the Manchester store because these are a bargain.


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