Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Wait For It....FIELD TRIP!!! : Little Big Planet edition

Field Trip

So first things first, this whole field trip business. Well if you were unaware Abdizzy,Ozzie and Moose are actually real people, one day we got together and decided we should blog about our life and in our life we go out and do cool stuff at times hence the 'field trip'.

Now back to the point. Our field trip this time around was at Little Big Planet. For those unaware of what little big planet is, it's basically a video game made by Media Molecule Exclusively for Sony's PlayStation 3, in which you can create your very own characters,levels,boss and pretty much everything else. It's quite the break through in gaming, Sony is so proud of the game it's been exhibiting the game at special locations around the UK (A month a half before launch). We decided to go and check it out and we were more than impressed the game, it is actually really fun and unlike many platform games(such as mario,sonic etc) it's very fun to play in a group.

To find out more about little big planet visit there site and don't be afraid to go actually check out the exhibition in Manchester city centre right in front of Piccadilly Gardens.

Opening Times: Mon - Sun 10am – 6pm

Location: Piccadilly Plaza, City Tower, Unit E2B, Manchester, M1 4BD

Me,Osman and really helpful dude who taught us how to play.

ZOMG Mosab can take pictures,joke really cool art which you can add your own touch to.

Other gamers enjoying themselves.

Table and other pointless stuff that looked cool.

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