Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Review For Elzhi - The Preface.

I think elzhi is the saviour of hiphop, I think he is the best raw talent in hiphop since the kid with a chipped tooth from Queensbridge. So it's no suprise that I was really eager for the preface to drop, I expected it not only to be the best album this year but the best album i've heard in the last 5 years.

So the preface drops i'm on Holiday doing some other shit so I don't hear it(hence the late review), but I get back and I finally get round to listening to it and i'm impressed it's a strong effort, a great album however it's no classic.

The beats are great. I've always loved black milks production and he doesn't fail to deliver here all of his beats have a good feel to them, but their isn't really any dark feeling beats and that's not a bad thing but some concepts that elzhi seems to be exploring on this album don't really seem to suit black milks production style (a perfect example of this would be "D.E.M.O.N.S").There's two tracks not produced by black milk aswell the one track produced by T3 is probably my favourite beat on the album.Overall the production on this album is solid and not really a problem.

Now Elzhi himself, the man of the moment is great on this album he has mastered his craft and has a style which just sounds great to listen to. The way he uses multiple rhymes and big syllables whilst still flowing perfectly is so impressive that sometimes you just listen and be like "Dayum". It's evident he puts alot of work into perfecting his rhymes.

But like I said it still isn't a classic. The beats are great and so is elzhi, however the album just doesn't coalesce. It's a very strong album but doesn't have that masterpiece feel that illmatic for example has, I guess what i'm trying to say is that the album really lacks focus. It's just 16 tracks one after another and get's a little boring at times, there's also no tracks I was like damn I have to go back to that (maybe motown 25). Don't get me wrong it's still a very good album but Elzhi could do so much better and it doesn't really live upto the expectation I had, I was expecting a masterpiece and Elzhi just delivered a very good album, this would be okay most of the time but I really want this dude to make it and to get that acclaim he really needed a classic. Alot to ask but if any new rapper can do it, it's Elzhi.

Overall a very good album and definetly worth a listen 8.5/10

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