Monday, 8 September 2008



Firstly, I know it seems gay that i'm fashion policing but some of ya'll really don't know better and it has to be done.

So yeah this article is to state things which are really plaid, where do I start hmmm Plaid (cwutididthur). But naw back to the point,plaid shirts are really really play't out and this is not me hating because thats what I do, no I was in city centre and I kept telling ozzie how played out it was. He decided to take my point into consideration and create it into a game I was cool with this. The game went who ever spots someone wearing a plaid shirt gets a point, within 2 minutes we were both on 4 points. Further more the only two colours plaid shirts are really big in are blue and red, you know why that is? Because in the early 90's crips and bloods were repping plaid shirts hard, so you can rock em if you want but you're giving the false impression that you're an OG from Los Angeles which you're not. Plaid is offically play't.

Moving on, leather jackets shouldn't be rocked on the regular anymore either. They're a hot piece of clothing if worn right in the right enviroment. However nowadays everyone is trying to wear them everywhere all the time. That's a problem because it looks hot when usher wears one in the love in the club video and jay-z rocks one but those shits cost a bomb and chances are if you're wearing one everyday its faux leather and thats not a good look, because everyone has decided to do it and once everyone does something it automatically becomes play't.

Also print hoodies and most emo fashion but ya'll really shouldda known that.

And a little note everything is actually hot when rocked right, so don't read this and be like never doing that again (not like my opinion is that meaningful to you ha). Also don't look at people and copy thier style exactly because that is how shit becomes play't, take hints indeed just don't ripoff. Style can't be copied.

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