Wednesday, 10 September 2008

New Zune Models + New Zune Firmware 3.00 Details

So to counter Dizzy's ipod post, I got some zune news over here.

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Lets start with the 120 GB zune, which costs $249. That is some kick ass storage right there, no one is going toneeds this kind of storage but having it around is always nice.

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The other new model is the 16GB flash zune. It is the zune's little brother, smaller, lighter and with decent storage.

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Finally, Microsoft announced A new Firmware for all the Zune models, Firmware 3.00. it will be released on the 16th of September. It will add the following features to your zune:

-WiFi Marketplace
-Buy from FM
-and many more small features to the zune device and to the Zune PC Application.

The big question is, will the Zune ever get reelased outside the United States? i own a Zune30 (yes the old brown one) and I love it.

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