Wednesday, 10 September 2008

My picks from New York fashion week uptil now.

So basically if you were unaware it's New York fashion week and I thought i'd just pick some things that I think are cool. There wasn't much for men(thier never is :[ ) but I tried to pick the best from the tons of designers who have been exhibiting thier work.
Duckie Brown
I think with this Duckie Brown did black justice where as alot of designers are trying to use many colours to make thier clothing stand out, Duckie Brown has kept it simple and proven black and white is still elegant and fashionable.

Michael Bastian
Keep in mind this is for spring/summer 2009. I think this is quite a hot look yellow is a colour which isn't too bold but it's not subtle either and goes perfect with the rest of the outfit.

Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis is a personal favourite and it seems he has delivered a hot look for 2009 the blue hoody is lookin kinda fly and the jacket with white pants in my opinion defines smart casual.

Hands down my favourite look uptil now. I've just always been a big fan of shiny grey suits.

Victor Glemaud
My final pick. I really don't like this outfit that much but i think the cardigan is mad hot and could work with alot of other things just not pulled off good here and the rest of the Victor Glemaud line wasn't all that either.

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