Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Johnson&Jonson X AbDizzy - The ReView


Blu is the best thing to happen to the rap game for a while. The kid was even respected by dilla(but never got to collaborate due to his untimely demise). His style is a breath fresh air the way he just sounds careless with a mad witty lyrical style, which is saying a lot more than I'm dope most of the time. However on this album he decided to concentrate on making something which exhibits his lyrical talent with fun beats,that keeps you entertained even at the most boring points of the album.

The album like most albums starts with an intro which consists of blu rapping going back to back with 3 different verses on alternate beats. This is nothing like anything on "Below the heavens", it's way more just blu having some fun. But don't be fooled even though it doesn't have a underlying message like his usual work it's still fun to listen to because blu still comes correct with his witty conversation type lyrics.

The 2nd track (up all night)is just a laid back relaxed track with blu bragging to some extent about how dope he be, but he still adds his personality into it.

Half a knot seems like it's blus attempt to spit with a more tough and gankstuh persona. Even though it seems out of character it sounds pretty damn dope. The beat like every beat on this album is dope as hell, it uses a old skool pulp fiction reminiscent sample. The thing I really like about this track is the hook is very catchy and simple.

Mama always told me is a classic blu track talking about his childhood but however he gives a different perspective, it's alot more laid back and doesn't sound like a story about his struggle rather a story of success. Yet again it has a catchy hook which is funny and blu has a hot flow on this joint.

The next track (Gusto Room) is a concept track with a gambling theme. It starts with an intro, which mostly consists of a man speaking about his misfortunes in casinos this on the first listen to some may sound hilarious but by your 5th time its pretty annoying. The track itself is nothing special, good beat nice lyrics.

I kinda really like this next track (wow). Its a really laid back beat with a cool 70's style sample. Blu is chilled discussing his success and lifestyle. The flow is dope and the beat has a hypnotic feel to it, which may annoy some but I like it.
It also ends on a pretty dope sample which brings me to my next point some of the interludes are so hot you wish they were full songs.

Well now I'm at a point were I'm tired of doing track by track review's but my common consensus on this album can basically summed up by the first few paragraphs. This album is really hot and mainframe's production is really different to Exile's however it still suits Blu because due to his versatility he approaches the beats differently and usually sounds more laid back and calm, sometimes gangsta sometimes intellectual but like always entertaining as hell. All the beats are really hot and have various different influences which are very proiminent such as Track 13.(perfect picture) sounds alot like an MF Doom beat due to the electronic style, thier are many tracks that sound dilla inspired aswell like the only way etc. The whole album is very consistent all the way through.

Now the bad stuff. Where do I start, well it's really short for one. Secondly there's alot of interludes which are not boring at first but after a few listens just get skipped and take away from the albums consistency. There is also no standout tracks, Illmatic had aint hard to tell, Reasonable Doubt had D'evils. This had nothing which was like wow amongst the rest it was all very good but nothing stood out, which is not a bad thing but the album loses personality points because of it. Maybe I'm just nitpicking, I still think this album is hot as hell.

I give it a 9/10 this is near classic and needs to be checked out pronto.

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  1. Not had a proper listen to this yet. <3 Below The Heavens though